WHUT Digital Media Arts Club

National Black Public Media/Public Media Corps (PMC) is partnering with WHUT-TV and Howard University on a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to help combat the dropout crisis in this country.

PMC is helping to tackle this program by providing digital media production and literacy training to 8th and 9th graders in D.C. public schools with the goal of increasing retention rates and academic achievement. PMC has set up Digital Media Arts Club (DMAC) afterschool programs in five middle and high schools. The DMACs engage, educate and empower students to use digital technologies to achieve personal growth, self-expression, and improve educational performance. The hands-on training is provided by Fellows from Howard University, who undergo an intensive boot camp training on how to run the clubs and provide instruction in multimedia production using a range of digital technologies.

The participating high schools are Eastern, Ballou Arts & Technology Academy, Anacostia, DC MET and Paul Public Charter. You can check out some of their work here and on the DMAC website.

Thank You American Graduate

The Anacostia community reflects on the importance of the American Graduate Digital Media Arts Club (dMAC) program at the Anacostia Neighborhood Library.

Two Brothers Road to Graduation

This is what could happen when you don’t stay in school.

Digital Media Arts Club Impact

LaVaughn Turner, Social Worker at Eastern Senior High School discusses the impact of the dMAC at his school.

Education Talk Back — Bullying

In "Education Talk Back — Bullying" Digital Media Arts Club Students at Ballou High School discuss the effects of bullying. "Education Talk Back" is a series of discussions with DC students about the challenges in their schools, families, and communities. These challenges are some of the reasons why students are dropping out of school.

Stay In School PSA

This is what could happen when you don't stay in school. Created by Anacostia Digital Media Arts Club.

Black History Moment: Struggle for Education

A teacher from Eastern Senior High talks about how her grandfather fought for education rights in his segregated community in North Carolina. Created at the Eastern Senior High School Digital Media Arts Club.

DC Met Black History Poetry Slam!

DCMET held a Poetry Slam for its students! Here are some of the poems that stood out from the event! Created at the DC Met Digital Media Arts Club.

You Can't Hold Me Back... On My Way to College

Joshua Hamilton, a student at Ballou STAY High School, let's the world know that he refuses to let anything or anyone hold him back from college. Created at the Anacostia Digital Media Arts Club.

Getting to the Finish Line

Maya Brown, a student at Eastern Senior High School, expresses her excitement, fears and burning passion for going to college.

Not Your Ordinary Vice-Principal

Reginald Guy, a ninth grader at Eastern Senior High School, interviews his Vice-Principal, Ms. McDuffey, and finds out that she's more than meets the eye.

Edward Says "Wake Up!"

Edward urges fellow classmates to wake up and take charge of your life!

'Congress Heights on the Rise' Blogger: A Message to DMAC Students

After the Public Media Corps' "Why You and Wifi " broadband town hall at The Arc, Congress Heights on the Rise blogger Nikki Peele gave our Digital Media Arts students some valuable blogging advice.