Critical Exposure

Critical Exposure is an in-school and after school program that teaches youth how to use the power of documentary photography to advocate for school reform and social change in their own communities. Critical Exposure exposes citizens and policymakers to the reality of inadequate schools and low-income communities through the eyes of the youth who confront those realities every day.

Students have documented inadequate school facilities, poor school nutrition, teen pregnancy, youth homelessness and unemployment, and the causes and consequences of dropping out of school, among other issues. DC youth have contributed their images and stories to successful campaigns for more than $400 million in additional funding for public schools.

Critical Exposure partners with community organizing and advocacy groups, youth organizations, and public schools around the country to teach our workshops on documentary photography and social advocacy and support campaigns for change.

To learn more about projects that Critical Exposure students are involved with and to see a gallery of their work, visit the Critical Exposure website.