In the Community

The American Graduate DC Hub is working with youth development and community organizations, business groups, the public schools, advocacy groups, and others to build awareness about the dropout crisis, bring people together, and start turning things around.

Raise DC: Developing a Cradle-to-Career Partnership

Raise DC is a collective call to action led by the Mayor’s Office under the leadership of Mayor Vincent Gray. The mission of the Raise DC partnership is to align and connect the city’s resources to provide every young person the opportunity for success from cradle to career. The ambitious goals of Raise DC are:

  • Every child is prepared for school
  • Every child succeeds in school
  • Every youth who is not in school reconnects to education, training, or employment opportunities
  • Every youth attains a post-secondary credential
  • Every youth is prepared for a career

In its first annual report, Raise DC has assembled baseline data describing how the city’s young people are faring in five targeted areas: kindergarten readiness; high school graduation; college completion; full-time employment; and reconnection with either education or job-training opportunities after dropping out of school.
Read the Raise DC Baseline Report Card > (February 2013)

Impact of the Digital Media Arts Club at the Anacostia Neighborhood Library

The Anacostia community reflects on the importance of the American Graduate Digital Media Arts Club (dMAC) program at the Anacostia Neighborhood Library. Learn more about the dMAC program >

A Community Forum with Geoffrey Canada,
Founder of the Harlem Children's Zone

The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region Presented by the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, this forum features a discussion with Geoffrey Canada about the Harlem Children's Zone and the Promise Neighborhood model of wrapping children in high-quality, coordinated health, social, community, and educational support from the cradle to college to career. Canada joins a broader discussion with a panel of government, education, business funding, and philanthropic leaders in Prince George's County. The panel focuses on discussing solutions for the issue of college readiness and challenges others to think of innovative ways to help children succeed.
Watch the forum >

WAMU's American Graduate Series

In 2012, WAMU 88.5 education reporter Kavitha Cardoza delved into the high school dropout crisis in Washington, DC, where more than 40 percent of students fail to complete their studies within four years. Cardoza visited innovative schools, talked with kids managing to succeed despite having the deck stacked against them, and compared the U.S.'s floundering graduation rate to that of schools overseas.
Listen to the stories >

DC Teacher Town Hall

More than 100 educators took part in the DC Teacher Town Hall, hosted by WAMU 88.5 host Matt McCleskey in June 2012 at the WHUT Television studios. The lively discussion serves as a catalyst to generate new conversations about education today and the realities faced by local teachers.
Watch the Town Hall video >

American Graduate DC Community Partners

American Graduate DC has partnered with a number of local and national organizations who work to enrich the lives of children and teens at risk in the DC Metro area. Learn more about our partner organizations and how you can get involved.
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