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Did you know that our youth are five times more likely to graduate if they have a meaningful relationship with an adult? (Michigan Dropout Prevention Summit 2008)

With the high dropout rate across the country, middle and high school students in our cities need mentors now more than ever. January is National Mentoring Month and we would like to invite you to participate in the American Graduate DC “Me and My Mentor” Pinterest story board. See American Graduate DC on Pinterest.

Share your story

We want to hear from mentors and mentees from across the Washington D.C. metro area. Send us a paragraph (500 characters or less) that answers one of the questions below. If you have a photo of you and your mentee (or vice versa), please send that along too (jpegs are the best format). Entries will be added to our new "Me and My Mentor" Pinterest board. For details about rules and regulations, please read the “Rules of Engagement” section below.

Send your words and photo to:

If you are a mentor:

  • Tell us why you choose to be a mentor.
  • What’s the most rewarding part about being a mentor?
  • What are some challenges you face as a mentor and how do you overcome them?

If you are a mentee:

  • Tell us what your mentor means to you.
  • How has your mentor helped you grow as an individual?
  • What the most important reason other students should seek out a mentor?

Share your story with the DC community — you just might inspire others to become a mentor to a young person!

Rules of Engagement

American Graduate DC welcomes your original stories for the “Me and My Mentor” Pinterest board. We reserve the right to not post certain stories that do not follow these basic guidelines: submitted stories must be relevant to the topic of the question; may not include profanity, personal attacks or hate speech; may not promote a business or raise money; may not be spam. Anything you submit for inclusion on the “Me and My Mentor” Pinterest board should be your own work. American Graduate DC reserves the right to publish on its website or in any medium now known or unknown the stories that we receive. By submitting your story, you agree to the WETA Community Discussion Guidelines and Privacy Policy.

Personal Photographs

You may use personal photos. If you choose to submit a personal photo, please be aware that Pinterest reserves the right to use and even sell the photo as they see fit. Please view Pinterest’s Terms and Privacy if you have additional questions.