StoryCorpsU College Readiness Curriculum

The StoryCorpsU College Readiness Curriculum is an interactive, standards-based college-readiness program that uses StoryCorps content and interviewing techniques to enhance students' skills in the areas of speaking, listening, writing, and critical thinking, while also fostering their self-awareness and social awareness. In addition to the College Readiness Curriculum, StoryCorpsU has developed resources to help educators use StoryCorps content and interviewing techniques in their classrooms.

StoryCorpsU College Readiness Curriculum

The StoryCorpsU curriculum, developed in alignment with the Common Core Standards, introduces students to the power of their own voice, helps them articulate their aspirations, and develops public speaking and critical listening skills. Students practice college and career readiness skills such as learning to communicate information in a well-structured, audience-appropriate manner and writing for a range of tasks, purposes and audiences.

The program, delivered in a classroom by teachers trained and supported by StoryCorps staff, is comprised of 24 lessons divided into three units:

  • Where We're From
  • Who We Are
  • Where We're Going

In each unit, students listen to StoryCorps stories and participate in class discussions to analyze, think critically about, and reflect on the interview segments, making connections between the stories and their own lives. Students learn how to conduct their own interviews, and make their own recordings, focusing on their family histories, how they see themselves, and who they hope to become. They also conduct interviews with teachers and peers.

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Workshop: Introduction to StoryCorpsU

StoryCorpsU designed this customizable one-lesson, 60-minute workshop for students in grades 8-12. It's a simple classroom exercise designed to teach students basic interviewing and storytelling skills (and learn a bit about the history and mission of StoryCorps). Download PDF

Ten Ways to Use StoryCorps in the Classroom

Since our founding in 2003, StoryCorps content and interviewing methods have been used across a wide range of subject areas and with students in many grade levels. To explore how to use StoryCorps in the classroom, click here.

Classroom Audio Clips

StoryCorps' archive reflects the diversity of the American experience and contains stories with themes of interest and value to young people.

How to Conduct StoryCorps-Style Interviews